Who is Supplier Buzz for?

Supplier Buzz is aimed at small to medium businesses that have to manage a supply chain. You're most likely dealing with multiple suppliers and having to order from them.

Can anyone join Supplier Buzz?

No - we're launching a limited beta programme. Only select, relevant businesses are accepted.

Do I need to understand procurement?

Absolutely not—this is for people who don't. Supplier Buzz is designed for people who have to order from suppliers, but aren't procurement nerds. There are far more exciting things than RFQ's and ERP's in life.

Does Supplier Buzz work on mobile?

No—Supplier Buzz is optimised for a desktop screen currently. It allows us to display all of the key information clearly. A mobile version will follow in the future.

I'm a supplier, can I use Supplier Buzz?

Supplier Buzz currently helpers buyers. A supplier tool is likely to follow in the future, but for now it's focused on making the lives of buyers easier.

I have international suppliers, will Supplier Buzz work?

Yes—as long as you have an email address for them. The system allows multiple currencies when quoting.

Want to see if Supplier Buzz can help you?

Let's have a quick chat to see if it will be useful for you, no pressure.